After about a two-and-a-half-hour drive, we begin our sightseeing tour of Gibraltar, with all the attractions the overseas British territory has to offer. While English is the official language, a mixture of English and Spanish can be heard — so called Spanglish. We’ll travel from the Gibraltar port to the city centre, which is surrounded by a wall. St. Michael’s Cave a natural cave, hosts events such as concerts, ballet and classical music concerts.

The famous Rock of Gibraltar, a 425-metre limestone rock, boasts of a long history. Known to the ancient Romans and Greeks as one of the Pillars of Hercules, it marked the limit of the known world.

At the top, with amazing views of the Spanish peninsula and Morocco, one can glimpse both the European and African continents from the same spot. Three countries, two continents and two oceans!.
We will see Gibraltar’s Barbary Macaque Macaca Sylvanus wild, tailless monkeys that roam the area. Legend states that if they disappear from Gibraltar the British will lose their rule of the territory. For that reason, during World War II, Winston Churchill sent to North Africa for more monkeys to replace the dwindling population.

While there, keep an eye on your belongings, the monkeys are brazen thieves!

Next, we will enjoy lunch at a local restaurant, followed by some tax-free shopping on Main Street. Keep in mind, bargaining is common practice in the shops, so do not accept the fixed prices. You will find brands such as Marks & Spencer, Mango, and other international names. The products include clothing, tobacco, spirits, glassware, technical equipment, designer items, etc. The local currency is the British Pound.

The tour lasts approximately 10 to 11 hours and costs 129 € for adults and 119 € for children up to 12.

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